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One embodiment of the invention enables synchronizing of audio playback as among two or more audio playback devices that receive audio information from a common information source, or channel.
On the other hand, if the zone player 11 ( n ) is operating as the master device 21 or slave device 22 ( g ) of a synchrony group 20, it will receive the clock timing information from the audio information channel device.
The members of the synchrony group do this for all of the frames, and accordingly are able to play the frames in synchrony.
Operations performed in connection with use of the resynchronize command to cancel playback of a track that is currently being played will be described in connection with Packet Sequence A below, and operations performed in connection with the use of the resynchronize command to cancel.2A) of which it is not a member, and a member of another synchrony group 20 ( 2 ) for which another zone player 11 ( n ) is the audio information channel device 23 ( 2 ).In the example depicted in Packet Sequence A, the packet will be multi-cast when the audio information channel device's digital to analog converter clock time corresponds to 0:00:07.It will be appreciated that the zone player 11 ( n ) that is operating as the audio information channel device 23 for one synchrony group may also comprise the master device 21 or any of the slave devices 22 ( g ) in another.One problem that can arise is to ensure that, if two or more audio playback devices are contemporaneously attempting to play back the same audio program, they do so simultaneously.On the other hand, an giochi online di zombie audio program may comprise a series of one or more audio tracks that are to be played in succession.2 by promozioni casino online blog the arrow labeled audpbtime_INF 0, which has a single tail, representing a source for the information at the audio information channel device 23, and multiple arrowheads representing the destinations of the information, with one arrowhead extending to the master device 21 and other.As is conventional, a ring buffer includes a series of storage locations in the buffer.Furthermore, the local network may include casino slot gratis one or more network interface devices (also not separately shown) that are configured to connect the local network 12 to other networks, including a wide area network such as the Internet, the public switched telephony network (pstn) or other.2 schematically depicts a functional block diagram of a synchrony group utilizing a plurality of zone players formed within the networked audio system depicted in FIG.If, as noted above, the frames have a consistent number S of samples, the samples 52 (F x1) through 52 (F S) will contain padding, which will not be played.

4 depicts a framed digital audio stream 50 comprising a sequence of frames 51 ( 1 ) through 51 (F) (generally identified by reference numeral 51 ( f ).
It will further be appreciated that, if a track is cancelled for which buffering has not begun, the resynchronize command will generally not be necessary, since the audio information channel device 23 for the synchrony group 20 need only delete that track from the play.
Similarly, while zone players 11 ( 4 ) and 11 ( 5 ) are playing the same audio program, they will play the audio program synchronously.The audio playback devices may be located in the same room or they may be distributed in different rooms in a residence such as a house or an apartment, in different offices in an office building, or the like.The zone player 11 ( n ) also has a device clock 43 that provides timing signals that control the general operations of the zone player 11 ( n ).(It will be appreciated that the times indicated by the illustrative time stamps are for illustration purposes only, and that in an actual embodiment the time stamps may have different values and differentials.) As noted above, the audio information channel device 23 multi-casts a message.15, 2011, entitled System And Method For Synchronizing Operations Among A Plurality Of Independently Clocked Digital Data Processing Devices, which is a continuation of patent application Ser.System Requirements, minimum, operating system: Microsoft Windows XP SP3 (32 bit), Vista (SP2 Microsoft Windows 7 (SP1).Before proceeding further in describing operations performed by the network audio system 10, it would be helpful to provide a detailed description of a zone player 11 ( n ) constructed in accordance with the invention.The status information that the master device 21 may provide to the user interface module 13 can include such information as a name or other identifier for the track of the audio work that is currently being played, the names or other identifiers for upcoming.2A does not depict arrows that represent control information provided by the respective master devices to the slave devices in the respective synchrony groups, or to the audio information channel devices that provide audio and timing information for the respective synchrony groups, which are depicted.Operations performed by the various devices associated with a synchrony group will be described in connection with FIG.